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The main direction of the works having been carried out by the company since the first day of its e to equip different conference halls of the power higher echelons.

For the first time in Russia the PAC for meetings providing has been designed and output by specialists of the company. The complex meets the requirements of the working time - limit of the supreme bodies of state power.

In different time the Conference Halls of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation, the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Boards of the Finance Ministry of the Russian Federation, the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation, Federal Service of Tax Police, some other ministries and departments, legislative bodies and regional administrations of the Russian Federation have been equipped with the complex.

The specialists of the company carry out a current technical maintenance and support the work of the complex's units .

Besides for the first time in Russia the company has carried out the installation of the unique computer - apparatus complex of sound processing MediaMatrix produced by the American company "Peavey Electronics Corporation" in the hall of the Perm International Telegraph - Telephone Exchange (PITTE) Open JSC "Uralsvyazinform" in the city of Perm.

The Close JSC "Promiform" has more than once taken part in international competitions from which it has come out victor.

In 2000-2002 the company's specialists carried out some works on development, manufacturing and introduction of modern program-apparatus complexes for meetings providing in the hall of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

The program - apparatus complexes of electronic voting and conference - system are certified by the State Standard of the Russian Federation and specifications are coordinated with the machinery of the State Duma and the council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

Under the task of the Main Administration of the State Traffic Security Inspection of the Russian Federation the specialists of the company together with Municipal Department of Internal Affairs and Department of State Traffic Security Inspection of the Perm region have developed and introduced and is serially produced the PAC "Sova - 2" for automated identification of registration plates moving in a stream of vehicles on the territory of the Perm region in static and portable performance.

To the experts mind, the high level of reliability of the PAC "Sova - 2 " has been achieved due to the use of standard, serially produced and accessible components, a rigid "technical project" and participation in the team of developers of qualified mathematicians, programmers, specialists in electronics, designers and also the most qualified and skilled employees of State Traffic Security Inspection.

The PAC "Sova - 2" has been certified by State Standard of Russia as means of measurement.

The technical personnel of the company has a high qualification in the field of development and introduction of electronic equipment, software and intricate program - apparatus complexes.
The middle age of the company's specialists is 35 years.

The company constantly improves producing products and software, supporting their competitiveness among the products of famous foreign firms, participates in international exhibitions, scientific and technical conferences and send the company's specialists to various courses to improve their qualification.

The JSC "Prominform" pursues the policy of a long-term cooperation with its customers.

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